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Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

The cashew nut liquid offered by our company is basically a co-product of the cashew nut industry. It is a natural product and its processing doesn�t involve any chemical. It is a cost effective modern material and has played a significant role as a CNSL product. The innumerable industrial application CNSL proves that it has completely lends itself to polymerization in different ways. The nature of CNSL offered by us is dual phenolic/alkenyl.

About CNSL :

  • Cost effective
  • Dual phenolic/alkenyl in nature
  • Natural product with no chemicals
  • Widely used

Application : It is a useful natural raw material for the synthesis of water-resistant resins and polymers. While the phenolic moiety, under both alkali and acid conditions remains reactive to the electrophiles like aldehydes, there would be no requirement for a cross-linking agent as both functionalities would be inherent in every new molecule. The remaining alkyl aldehyde groups would increase the reactivity of the system towards cross-linking and would aid in imparting a high degree of hydrophobicity.

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