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Epoxy Diluent

We offer Epoxy Diluent, which is used for coating of metals, concretes, etc. Our Epoxy Diluent finds its application in various industries. Our Epoxy Diluent is in huge demand, owing to its various features and properties. We ensure the supply of effective Epoxy Diluent to maintain long lasting relations with the customers.

K2P Diluents is designed to reduce VOC levels and viscosity for coating systems. Widely used in heavy duty marine protection, industrial, and floor coatings. These diluents rapidly reduce viscosity to provide improved ease of application, improved pigment/filler wetting and improved application properties. Modifiers provide flexibility, toughening, improvement of water resistance and adhesion.


Cardanol formaldehyde Cardanol Resin


Properties K2P201-NRD K2131-RD
Solids 98 Min 98 Min
Viscosity (cPs, @25 deg C) 90~100 50~70
Colour Orange-Brown Orange-Brown
Hydrolysable chlorine NA <5 %
Epoxy Equivalent Weight NA 420-575
Recommended PHR* (for EEW-190) 2~20 2~20
Note : The above typical Properties are for general information only and should not be used for specification purposes. Performance characteristics may vary depending on specification application. All products should be tested in customer's formulation prior to use.