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Epoxy Flooring

We manufacture Epoxy Flooring for use in primer and screeds for epoxy flooring. Our Epoxy Flooring are cost effective and a great replacement for polyamide hardeners. We stock Epoxy Flooring in bulk and hence are able to meet bulk demands of the clients. Currently, we are exporting Epoxy Flooring in different countries of the world such as China and many more.


  • Corrosion resistant coating for concrete and metal structures, sewage works.
  • Effluent plants, docks and harbor installations.
  • Tanks, cooling towers, foundations above ground or in submerged conditions.
  • Protection to surfaces exposed to tidal action.
  • Dock and harbor installations.
  • Heavy chemical Industries, traffic wear-course in parking garages.
  • Primer/sealer/topcoat for degreased concrete.


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