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Ethoxylated Cardanol

Ethoxylated Cardanol is an emulsifier which is known for its various benefits. We manufacture Ethoxylated Cardanol which is being used in various sectors of industries frequently. Our Ethoxylated Cardanol serves various roles in various industries. Our Ethoxylated Cardanol is known for its accurate formulation and excellence in its field of operation.

Effective replacement for APEs in cleaning formulations. Excellent detergency for oils and greases. Used in health and personal care products. Application in laboratory detergents. Excellent wetting for hard surfaces and fabrics. Cardleox are used disparate, in processing of wool and metal working fluids, as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization,printing ink compositions, industrial coating compositions, lubricating and rolling oils. mineral and petroleum processing. Advantage in the field of foods, and crop protection.

  • <10 water in oil emulsifier
  • > 10 oil in water emulsifier
  • 10-15 good wetting
  • 12-15 detergents


Cardanol formaldehyde Cardanol Resin


Properties Cardleox 3 Cardleox 6 Cardleox 10 Cardleox 13.5 Cardleox 20
Moles of EO 3 6 10 13.5 20
HLB 6.1 9.3 12 13.2 14.7
pH. 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7
Calc. M.W. 422-437 560-570 730-745 884-899 1170-1185
Appearance Brown Oily Brown Oily Brown Oily Brown Oily Brown Oily
Cloud Point* 10% in 25 %BDG 40-43 58-62 73-75 77-80 82-85
Note : The above typical Properties are for general information only and should not be used for specification purposes. Performance characteristics may vary depending on specification application. All products should be tested in customer's formulation prior to use.