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Modified Epoxy Hardeners

Our Modified Epoxy Hardeners provide corrosion resistant coating which add durability to the coating. We supply Modified Epoxy Hardeners using quality ingredients to swipe away the scope of any flaw in their formulation. Our Modified Epoxy Hardeners are widely used in various industries owing to various features and properties.

Corrosion resistant coating for concrete and metal structures, sewage works. Effluent plants, docks and harbor installations. Tanks, cooling towers, foundations above ground or in submerged conditions. Protection to surfaces exposed to tidal action. Dock and harbor installations. Heavy chemical Industries, traffic wear-course in parking garages. Primer/sealer/topcoat for degreased concrete.


Cardanol formaldehyde Cardanol Resin


Properties K2P Za-71 K2P Za-71 x -90
Solids 98.5 min 90±2
Viscosity (Ps, @25 deg C) 500-1000 100-700
Colour Dark Brown Dark Brown
Amine Value (mg KOH/g) 230~260 210~230
Gel Time (mins, 100 gm @25 deg C) 30~35 40~50
Recommended PHR* (for EEW-190) 100±5 120±5
Note : The above typical Properties are for general information only and should not be used for specification purposes. Performance characteristics may vary depending on specification application. All products should be tested in customer's formulation prior to use.