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Epoxy Coating System

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K2P Zapox is a is a two component Solvent-free Epoxy Coating System, K2P Zapox is an epoxy coating system replacing toxic coal tar and reducing cost. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, steel &asbestos surfaces. K2P Zapox have excellent resistance to abrasion, makes it suitable for application over floors of tanks &concrete rafts before filling the soil. It gives long lasting corrosion protection in atmosphere or in contact with chemical solutions (Resistant to wide range of acids , alkali &salt solutions , effluents &sewage). It is suitable for structures in submerged conditions like pipelines, foundations, tanks, sewage works, effluent plants, docks, harbor installations, etc.


  • Corrosion resistant coating for concrete and metal structures, sewage works.
  • Effluent plants, docks and harbor installations.
  • Tanks, cooling towers, foundations above ground or in submerged conditions. Protection to surfaces exposed to tidal action.
  • Dock and harbor installations.
  • Heavy chemical Industries, traffic wear-course in parking garages.
  • Primer/sealer/topcoat for degreased concrete.

Priming with K2P Phenpox Epoxy Primer is recommended for maximum corrosion protection in underground or immersion service, or when adverse surface conditions are encountered. Examples are very rough surfaces (masonry or metal) and unavoidable surface moisture. Consult Your Dampney representative for specific recommendations.

Surface Preparation

  • Remove all grease and oil by solvent cleaning Steel.
  • Commercial abrasive Blast Cleaning.
  • Concrete Surface must be clean and dry.
  • Brush-off blast or power tool clean to roughen surface and remove loose and spalled material.
  • Acid etching and rinsing will also provide a satisfactory surface.
  • Mixing ratio is 2 parts Base to 1 part Activator by volume.
  • Combine Activator component with Base component in proper ratio.
  • Mix thoroughly, using power mixer.

Pot Life
Pot life varies with temperature, and decreases rapidly as temperature increases.

K2P Zapox may be applied by brush, roller, or conventional airless spray methods. It is self-priming, and in most applications can be used as a complete one-coat or two-coat system. It can also be used as a topcoat for zinc-rich primers.


Thickness 0.5-1mm
Application Flooring, Wall Coating
Texture Hard
Features Solvent Resistant, Water Resistant
Speciality Pasting On Walls

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Min. Order Quantity 200 Kilogram

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